5 Ways SEO Will Help Your Dealership Sell More Cars in 2023

It’s 2023.

You know the importance of the internet when it comes to selling cars.

  • You list your inventory on 3rd party sites.
  • You post updates on social media platforms.
  • You run targeted advertising strategies.

But is your website optimized for search?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is one of the most powerful and underutilized tools for driving relevant traffic to your website. Every day, thousands of local car shoppers search for a vehicle on Google. Are these shoppers finding your website? If not, your website could benefit from SEO. 

Here are 5 ways that SEO can help your dealership sell more cars in 2023:


1. Dealership Searches

This one is a no-brainer. You are a dealership. You should be ranking on Google when a potential customer searches for a “car dealership near me.” 


2. Used Vehicle Searches

Nearly every dealership that I’ve worked with has struggled to promote their used inventory. SEO can help place your off-brand models onto page 1 of Google. 


3. Make / Model Searches

As a new car dealer, one of your best opportunities is to rank for make and model searches within your brand. But competition is heating up. 3rd party websites and national retailers are popping up to take a piece of this high-value search traffic. 


4. Local Search (Google Maps)

Local search provides an incredible opportunity to take premium real estate at the top of Google’s search results. As a local dealer, you should be dominating the Google Maps results. 


5. Conquest Nearby Cities

Customers will travel for the right car. You can take valuable traffic from your competitors by ranking in neighboring cities and towns. Without SEO, your website is almost certainly missing this traffic. 

In the current state of Google Search, these are the 5 most effective ways to drive website traffic to your dealership.

Still not convinced? I used this exact approach to help this Kia Dealership triple their web traffic from Google in just 10 months.


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